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Our Fight has Begun...
and will Continue

In 2011 the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) was originally founded as the Anti-Corruption Network, initiated by Mr. Dusit Nontanakorn, the late President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. He was deeply concerned about the huge losses inflicted upon the nation, following ongoing corruption in different government projects that increasingly became more complex and elaborate with increasing costs and damage caused each day.

In the early days, the Anti-Corruption Networks started brainstorming for “cooperation measures for anti-corruption from every sector”. That action was the first effort from the private sector, expressing their need to solve the malignant corruption that has long hindered the progress of the country. On June 1, 2011, representatives from 23 organizations from the state and private sectors, academics as well as international organizations participated in the “Anti-Corruption: Thailand’s Turning Point” seminar held by the network at the Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok

Since then, Mr. Dusit Nontanakorn’s noble idea has been carried on by the network which is currently led by Mr. Promon Sutivong who stepped in as Chairman of the Network following the death of the founder.

In 2012, the Network was renamed the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) and registered as a foundation in 2014. At present the organization has 54 organization.

“That action became the first effort from private sector, expressing their need to solve corruption that has been malignant and long hindered progress of the country”
Mr. Dusit Nontanakorn
Founder of Anti-Corruption Network ( now known as the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand Foundation ) The “Anti-Corruption: Thailand’s Turning Point” seminar at Plaza Athinee Hotel, Bangkok on June 1, 2011.

Objectives of Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand Foundation

  1. To promote and support the operations of Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand on knowledge, administration and activities useful for anti-corruption.
  2. To raise funds for the operation or development of Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand.
  3. To promote education and research for students to have moral, ethics and integrity while fighting against corruption and supporting other activities beneficial for the public.
  4. To promote and support identities of Thai art and culture by cultivating positive attitudes on moral and ethics beneficial for the society and the country.
  5. To support preservation and protection of environments and nature for the society.
  6. To organize social responsible activities and cooperate with other charity organizations in activities for the public.
  7. To organize non-political activities.

Management Structure and Corporate Foundations

Vision and Mission


Our aim is to serve
as a social force
that mobilizes Thai
people & society in
rejecting and fight against corruption


  1. 1 Create confidence
    in and recognition of the organization as the center of anti-corruption force best capable of mobilizing “social movement” against corruption.
  2. 2 Create operation networks
    in both national and international levels through job distributions and tool development in order to enhance the ability of every sector involved to the best.
  3. 3 Support change
    in policies in both state and private sectors in order to make anticorruption measures become tangible and effective quickly.
  4. 4 Promote a creation
    of role models, both individual and organizational levels, in the society.
    - Monitoring government spending in mega-projects

Under the vision and missions above, ACT is committed to achieving the following roles:

  • Serve as information provider to alert the society
  • Serve as a coordination center with every sector
  • Operate impartially, especially on issues that are under the public interest and widely impacts the society
  • Operate transparently, examine thoroughly and cooperate with every sector, both state and private sectors
  • Politically Neutral

And ACT shall not act outside of the roles and duties defined above:

  • ACT shall not take role to punish any individuals for it holds no legal authorization for penalties
  • ACT shall not operate at will and without support from the public
  • ACT shall not operate partially, including taking side with any particular parties
  • ACT shall not process any activities that may bring about suspicion of non-public interest


Anti - Corruption Organization of Thailand Foundation

Mr. Anand Panyarachun Honourary Advisor
Mr. Pramon Sutivong Chairman
Khunying Chada Wattanasiritham Vice Chairman
Mr. Vichien Phongsathorn  Vice Chairman
Mr. Meechai Viravaidya Committee Member
Mrs. Juree Vichit-Vadakan Committee Member
Khunying Suchada Keeranan Committee Member
Mr. Dhep Vongvanich Committee Member
Mr. Kittipong Kittayarak Committee Member
Mr. Warakorn Samkoses Committee Member
Mr. Prasarn Trairatvorakul Committee Member
Mr. Winid Silamongkol Committee Member
Mr. Pongsak Assakul

Committee Member
Chairman of Thai Chamber of Commerce or representative Committee Member
President of Federation of Thai Industries or representative Committee Member
Chairman of Thai Bankers Association or representative Committee Member
Chairman of Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations or representative Committee Member
Miss Chuleeporn Nuamtanong Committee and Treasurer Committee Member
Mr.Kitti Tangjitmaneesakda Committee Member


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